Bullying and Harassment - Cardiff and South Wales

We provide advice for businesses and organisations across Cardiff and South Wales to help them deal with cases of harassment and bullying at work.

A simple definition of bullying at work describes it as a form of habitual aggressive behaviour manifested by the use of coercion to affect others and involving an imbalance of power - which is why it can be common within the workplace.

While harassment at work is commonly understood as a form of characteristically repetitive behaviour intended to disturb or upset which in a legal sense has an intention to threaten or disturb its chosen victim.

Both these sets of unwarranted and unwanted behaviours violate a person’s dignity creating an intimidating, hostile and humiliating environment in which they have to work which can cause untold damage to your business and its reputation.

Bullying and harassment polices and procedures

Bullying and harassment at work should not be tolerated on any grounds but unfortunately it is something which does occur for reasons based on grounds of everything from age and gender through to sex, race and religion.

We initially help you decide whether you need to put a formal harassment and bullying policy in place and let your employees know that all complaints of this nature will be dealt with fairly, sensitively and confidentially.

We also teach you and your staff to set standards of behaviour which provide a good example for others within your organisation and help you maintain fair procedures to deal with bullying or harassment complaints.

Other HR services

We also offer many other HR services carried out via a range of Online, On Site and Telephone support packages and as Fellows of the CIPD all our work adheres to its Code of Conduct.

Alternatively, if you're unsure what kind of HR help you're after then fill in our Online HR Audit and we'll contact you back to discuss your needs and requirements.

For more about dealing with bullying and harassment at work contact us on 0800 781 7256 or email us at enquiries@partnerhr.biz.