Case Study - Creating Capacity

Company Profile: Concrete Paving Block Manufacturer, 23 staff and part of a multi-national company.   

Issue: Very flat management structure with Plant Manager only formal manager on site.

Staff resources to drive business forward were not available putting a lot of pressure onto the Plant Manager and preventing growth.

Solution: Introduced simple appraisal system giving each staff member the chance of a one-to-one meeting with the Plant Manager and the chance to set goals and work on personal development plans.

This process identified people who wanted to be developed into continuous improvement, health & safety and team leader roles.

This led to the Plant Manager being able to delegate key tasks and free up time for a more strategic approach to their work.

Saving: Since the changes have been put in place the business has attracted more than £5m investment from its parent group when other plants have been mothballed or closed due to the Credit Crunch.

A further 12 jobs have been created on top of saving the roles of the original 23 staff members.

Productivity and quality has consistently increase over 4 years since the changes were put in place.

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