Grievance, Disputes and Tribunals - Cardiff and South Wales

We provide grievance, dispute resolution and employment tribunals advice and services for businesses and organisations across Cardiff and South Wales.

There are always tensions and pressures within a working environment and inevitably these can snap or boil over leading to disagreements and arguments within the work place.

We help you prevent problems from occurring in the first place by putting the right HR structure in place to deal with any issues before they develop into a genuine grievance.

We carry this out by ensuring you have the correct policies, procedures and staff training to effectively deal with any grievance and complaints preventing them from escalating into disputes and ultimately toward employment tribunals.

Dispute resolution

With more than 40 years experience of working within HR, we are expert at dispute resolution and will work to resolve any internal conflicts you have by understanding the issues, needs and interests of all the parties involved.

We then use our impartiality as outside consultants to repair any damaged working relationships between colleagues and teams and put the HR policies and procedures in place to prevent problems from cropping up in the future.

Hopefully, at this point, we can help you resolve everything but if the prospect of an employment tribunal appears on the horizon then we're here to help and guide you in any way we can.

Other HR services

We also offer many other HR services carried out via a range of Online, On Site and Telephone support packages and as Fellows of the CIPD all our work adheres to its Code of Conduct.

Alternatively, if you're unsure what kind of HR help you're after then fill in our Online HR Audit and we'll contact you back to discuss your needs and requirements.

For more about dealing with grievance and dispute resolution in the workplace and employment tribunals please contact us on 0800 781 7256 or email us at