HR Policies and Procedures - Cardiff and South Wales

We provide HR policy, procedural and strategic advice and services for businesses and organisations across Cardiff and South Wales.

You can only run a successful modern business after implementing a set of clear, effective and legal HR policies and procedures as part of an overall human resources strategy which suits your needs and requirements.

We understand how easy it is to forget about HR procedures and policies when you're busy running your business but if you fail to put them in place it can lead to a lot of lost time and money.

You might not think you need a bullying and harassment procedure - or an equality and diversity policy - but if these kinds of problems surface then it can ruin your reputation and business.

Free HR audit

Whether you're starting out in business, running an existing enterprise where HR strategy is a new word or have just let your HR policies and procedures slip - we're here to help and guide you in any way we can.

We can work alongside you to help you strategically overhaul your human resources, work out new HR policies and procedures or review any aspect of how you currently deal with HR-related issues like employment law and health and safety regulations.

However, sometimes it's hard to know where to start with HR so if you're unsure help you're after then fill in our Online HR Audit and we'll contact you back to discuss your needs and requirements.

Other HR services

Alternatively, if you're interested in keeping up-to-date on all things HR then please check the information and articles which we publish in our HR Advice section.

We also offer many other HR services carried out via a range of Online, On Site and Telephone support packages and as Fellows of the CIPD all our work adheres to its Code of Conduct.

For more about HR strategy, HR policies and HR procedures and how they can help your business at every level please contact us on 0800 781 7256 or email us at