Maternity and Paternity Rights - Cardiff and South Wales

We provide maternity and paternity rights advice for businesses and organisations across Cardiff and South Wales.

Maternity and paternity - or parental leave - entitlements are a complicated area where the law has changed frequently in recent years.

As it currently stands, pregnant employees, new mothers and adoptive parents - and the partners of these employees - are entitled to statutory time off around the birth and adoption of their child.

Depending on how long they have worked for you and their personal circumstances, employees can legally take up to between 26 and 52 weeks off in maternity and paternity leave.

Parental leave advice

These kinds of absences can have a drastic affect on SMEs - in terms of finance and lost members of their workforce - but we can you get your head around how much parental leave each employee is legally entitled to.

We understand how easy it is to forget about your employees exact maternity and paternity rights when you're busy running your business but a lack of understanding can leave you in a difficult position when one of your staff becomes a mother or a father.

We ensure your get to grips with these confusing area of statutory entitlement and help you put policies and procedures to keep you up-to-date with the current legislation.

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